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Why Music?

RealModeForm makes the soundtracks for its films.

There is both an artistic and a practical reason for this. 

RealModeForm views the soundtrack as inextricably

interwoven with the characters of the story told and 

essential for the portrayal of the world in which they live.

And by making its own soundtracks, RealModeForm 

is not dependent on pre-made music, but genre and

lyrics can be tailor-made to suit what is required.

Secondly, as every independent filmmaker knows,

there are always budgetary limitations. By making

its own soundtrack, RealModeForm saves money.

What Music?

RealModeForm does no restrict itself to certain types

of music. It all depends on what the story requires.

It could be anything from rock to ballads to classical.

For example, RealModeForm made a country song

entitled 'In My Town' for a short film it co-produced.

In its first own film production 'Driftwood' - which has

its own page here on this site - a heavy metal ballad, 

a euro dance song and trailer music was composed. 

Some of the music can be found here on this site.