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Production Core Values


The fundamental principle of RealModeForm

is that, no matter the budgetary limitations, only 

the highest production values are good enough.

In order to achieve this, as there is almost always

a lack of money for the independent filmmaker, 

the professionalism of everyone involved is crucial.

In this way, the importance of the composition of

the team cannot be overstated. RealModeForm 

believes that unselfish, collaborative work is key

to the success of the final outcome.

The Art of Film as Motive

RealModeForm makes films for audiences who

go to the cinema to experience and explore new emotions, who seek to deepen their understanding

of what it is to be human through filmic art.

In other words, audiences who look at film as

they would a painting or a sculpture. As with 

works of art, there are no specific genre restrictions.

Form and Content

RealModeForm draws inspiration from classical

film directors such as Ozu, Mizoguchi, Tarkovksy, Kieslowski and Fellini, to name but a few.

The camera shot composition and movement are

integral to the narrative, and the subject matter

is viewed within a frame of classical dimensions.

As modernity has declared a full-on war on

traditional values, as organised crime is spiralling 

out of control globally, and as society as we

have come to know it is falling apart, it is more

important than ever to explore through art

what this may mean for the individual in their

never-ending, human struggle to survive.

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