Studio RealModeForm Productions is a film and

soundtrack production company that focuses on

modern classical, high quality art-house films.

It was started in 2015 when it co-produced a short

film entitled 'Memories of a Lake'. Shot on a micro

budget in Stockholm, it was directed by German theatre 

director Arnd Kosmack of Body Farm Productions.


In this production, RealModeForm was also in 

charge of script revisions and post-production. 

The film was nominated for the best director and best

lead actor award at Nice International Film Festival.


In 2018, RealModeForm went ahead to produce

its first own short film script 'Driftwood'. It was

shot in north London over three consecutive days

and has had great success at film festivals across

the world and has received first-rate reviews.

For both 'Memories of a Lake' and 'Driftwood',

RealModeForm made the soundtrack.

Currently, RealModeForm is working to produce its

own new feature length script entitled 'Nekromanteion'.

crime/mystery story set in the state of Montana, USA. 

It was meant to get launched in 2022, but production has

been delayed due to the global restrictions of Covid-19.

-Ralph Martin Fleischer-